Certificate Programme in Foundations of Education

Certificate Programme in Foundations of Education Program Details

Program Schedule

Workshops From To Gap From
Last Workshop
1st Workshop 12th Sep 2015 21st Sep 2015 -
2nd Workshop 28th Oct 2015 6th Nov 2015 36 Days
3rd Workshop 10th Dec 2015 19th Dec 2015 33 Days
4th Workshop 26th Jan 2016 6th Feb 2016 37 Days

Programme Structure

Workshop I Workshop II Workshop III Workshop IV
Philosophical perspective on Education Human Understanding and Curriculum Nature and Pedagogy of Social Sciences Assessment in Schools
Sociological perspective on Education Nature and Pedagogy of Language Nature and Pedagogy of Mathematics Issues in Research in Education
Perspective on Learning Nature and Pedagogy of Sciences Nature and Pedagogy of History Teacher Education: Policy & Practice
Digantar Vidyalaya Observation: Theory & Practice

Course Fee

Digantar is a non-profit organization. The fee is calculated to meet the actual cost of the course including boarding, lodging and reading material. Details of the calculation are as follows:

Fee for the Entire Course (Course Fee including Reading material) Rs.25,000/-
Fee per Workshop (Course Fee including Reading material) Rs.8,000/-
Boarding and Lodging (If Digantar facilities are availed) Rs.575/- Per Day
Boarding and Lodging per workshop (I, II & III) Rs 6,900/- (12 × 575/-)
6,900×3 (3 workshops 12 days each) =20,700/-
Boarding and Lodging in IV workshop 8,050/- (14 × 575/-)
Boarding and Lodging for Entire Course Rs 28,750 /- (50 days × 575/-)
Total Amount per Workshop (I,II & III) Rs 14,900/-
Total Amount for the IV Workshop Rs 16,050/-
Total Amount for all the four workshops (course fee/reading material/boarding & lodging) Rs 53,750/-

List of Alumni

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