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Digantar Vidyalay can be placed at the core of the programs and activities carried out by Digantar since 1978. At, present, two Digantar Vidyalay provide education to children from Kho Rabariyan, and Bhawgargh Bandhya. At present, there are 488 children (325 girls and 163 boys) have been enrolled in the two schools of Digantar.

In Digantar Vidyalay

  • In Digantar Vidyalay, children have the freedom to learn at their own pace. We believe each child is unique and has a set of his/her own experiences, interests and abilities. Hence, the children in Digantar schools are not distributed according to their age but are distributed according to their level of learning.
  • There are no traditional classes in our Vidyalay as per which children are segregated. We have different groups consisting children of vertical age groups and practice multi level teaching.
  • The Vidyalay makes a conscious effort to make sure that there is no difference between the educational ideas and their implementation in the Vidyalay. We believe that these efforts have proved to be very important in the process of understanding the elementary education and coming up with better solutions.
  • No fee is charged from children in any form.
  • Digantar's insights into elementary education, pedagogy and teacher education has gained appreciation and many organisations are using them.
  • Digantar Vidyalay have been using Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) since 1978, an approach that has been highly recommended by NCF 2005 and RTE
  • The Vidyalay has established itself as a source of help to other organisations and schools all over India in the past 35 yrs.
  • Children come to the Vidyalay from a radius of 5-6 km from nearby villages and about 28 hamlets even though there are now many government and private schools in their locality.
  • On the basis of the experiences gathered at upper primary level and on demand from the students and community members, school has started working on finding better alternatives at senior secondary level. The main emphasis would be on education for girls and helping them to achieve higher education.
  • The girls in this area are often left behind in terms of achieving further education. Keeping this in mind, on the initiative taken by the girls and the community, Digantar has started classes at senior secondary level as well.
  • On completion of the secondary and senior secondary level education Digantar support girls to appear through National Open School Examination so that they can complete their formal schooling and can pursue higher education.
  • There are a total of 17 learning groups in which children are studying. Out of them, 09 groups are of primary level, 04 groups of upper primary level, 03 of secondary and 01 of senior secondary level.