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Campus and Infrastructure


TARU is situated in Digantar main campus. Annually hundreds of visitors, including educational practitioners and aspiring teachers, attend diverse residential courses and workshops at this location. To accommodate trainees and workshop participants the campus building comprises five dormitories with attached toilets, each accommodating up to 6 people, totalling 30. Additionally, there are two separate rooms for 6-7 people in total. These are served by a small kitchen where visitors can prepare their tea or coffee as needed. The campus has 3 guest rooms with attached bathrooms, accommodating up to 6 people on a double-sharing basis in need be. However, we prioritize single accommodation for facilitators and resource persons, considering the nature of their work. Basic facilities are provided to maintain hygiene. The stay arrangements in the Digantar campus are rather modest but quite hospitable and in a serene campus.

Our training hall is equipped with a projector and sound system, accommodating more than 30 people. To maintain training quality, we ensure up to 30 participants to avoid overcrowding, depending on the workshop/course nature. An open tin-shed adjacent to the training hall is used for tea/coffee breaks and informal conversations during workshops/courses. The mess on campus provides delicious three-time meals during residential workshops/courses. The campus also has a library accessible during office hours. Additionally, upon request and based on needs, access to the library can be provided beyond office hours during programs.

The campus provides ample space for walking, sitting, and a badminton playing facility amidst lush greenery and rich birdlife, creating a vibrant learning environment. With the space provided, cultural and music gatherings are organized by participants after workshops and winter bonfires add to the enjoyment.