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The Academic Resource Unit (TARU)

TARU's core activities include diverse capacity-building programmes for teachers and educational practitioners through short-term courses and workshops. Some of the TARU courses are conducted online as well. It also actively engages in research projects and material development for school children and educational practitioners.

Our Philosophy

The essence of TARU's programmes lies in establishing a profound and integral understanding of the relationship between educational theory and practice. TARU emphasizes the criticality of working with an understanding of fundamental principles of education, without which neither can education be understood, nor can any thoughtful ‘practice’ be undertaken. Be it teaching-learning, curriculum development, material creation, or teacher education; for the educational practice to be at all educational it has to be guided by a certain framework of principles. If there are no principles, there is effectively no ‘educational practice’ and in such a scenario we only have a habitual routine or random activity.TARU ensures insightful adherence to the defined theoretical framework in all its capacity-building programs.