TARU Collaborations

Collaboration with Azim Premji Foundation (APF)

As per the memorandum of understanding between Azim Premji Foundation and Digantar, TARU has been visualized as a field institution that would assist the foundation in various academic endeavours such as teacher training programmes, research studies, capacity building programmes for teachers, teacher educators and for the members of the foundation. In this respect, we are currently engaged in the following

Co- Development- TARU fellows participate and contribute in the ongoing co-development programme in science and social science groups. It includes developing comprehensive, accessible and context-sensitive material for teachers, piloting them and introducing it to the teachers on ground.

Persectives on Education- TARU and APF members also got together to conceptualize and facilitate a 15-day workshop on the Perspectives on Education which seeks to initiate the members from the Azim Premji Foundation towards foundational understanding of issues in education.

Status of Elementar Education in Rajasthan- Members from TARU and APF have also formed a research study group to dwell and research on important issues in the field of education. This year the group is conducting a study based on secondary data on the ‘Status of elementary education in Rajasthan’.