Coordination Visits

Digantar witnesses a number of visitors yearly of which includes educationists, practitioners, teacher educators, government functionaries, NGO workers, university students pursuing B.ED, B.EL.ED, M.ED and M.A. in Education, among others. These visits are mainly planned for the purpose of observing an alternative system in functioning. What is meant by an 'Alternative school'? Does learning happen differently here? Does such a system follow its own curriculum and syllabus and do they make their own teaching-learning material? What is the relationship between the learner and the teacher?- are some guiding questions that brings these visitors to Digantar.

Not only does the school visits provide an opportunity to observe and address these questions in practice but Digantar also organizes a certificate programme, and some other trainings and workshops to understand the theoretical assumptions behind these practices along with opening up the foundational questions in Education. Participants from diverse backgrounds and working in different capacities in the field of education, come to attend these workshops.

The boarding and lodging facilities are provided by the organization. The organization provides a mess facility. Digantar's Mess has long been famous for a well-balanced quotient of health and taste. The participants are generally seen relishing the food during their stay here.